Visual Dyslexia, nonsense & gibberish

Good bye my loved Digbeth Cold Storage. Over the last years I have repeatedly photographed this sign, which was sadly dismantled during the recent renovation of the building. I am glad I managed to snap a final picture.

Clearly the letter 't' had enough of being teased by the other letters for being last in alphabetical order, so it left!

I previously posted an image of this sign partially covered by scaffolding, it used to read The Pallasades, somehow however I prefer it like this ... 

And finally two pieces of advertisement, which have tragically gone wrong. The above sign is a beautiful example of a glitching electric board that I saw in Sutton Coldfield... 

...while the advert below seems to either send subliminal messages in a street slang or refer to a song by the Police...De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

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