The paint has pealed off...

...however the sign remains. A sign which has been painted onto a shop front on Stoney Lane. looks like the applied paint has prevented the layer below from pealing off.


Signage in an identity crisis

London's Stansted Airport has gone through many "face lifts" and changes over the past years and as a regular traveler I have witnessed many changes over the years. In 2008, after a summer holiday in Bavaria, I came across this sign outside the terminal in a designated smoking area.
Miss-leading directions, signage which has faded since a long time or has been taped over, a camera which does not provide security...a signage in an identity crisis?


Down Ladypool Road

It has been a long time, however as a reimbursement, a truly beautiful shot. I have been passing by this example almost everyday over the past two and half years, I finally managed to stop and take a snap. What has this sign been advertising, who can tell me more?