A selection of visual dyslexia in and around Brum

I love how this sign is seemingly whispering a 'thank you'.
Look closely and you can see me in the reflection of the train.

What is the story of this street sign? Some letters decided that they had enough of the others, moved on and left the T, Y & A behind?

I snapped this sign outside the Yardbird, I was just not sure who was going to be on that night...


Visual Dyslexia - Shops

You can just about work out the road that this shop is on, Brick Lane in London. However I doubt that this is the owner's attempt to mix letters and braille...

Argos extra has moved, but the past remains in form of a shadow...

The whole building in Digbeth seems to have undergone renovation work, apart from the sign above the door, I wonder why?


Fading away...

One more picture of a signage in Berlin, the sign loosely translates as 'No flyposting', however I am not sure how many people will actually respect this 'whispered' order...

The next two images were taken in my favourite part of Birmingham. Digbeth is the former industrial heart of the city and now that the big city plan is revamping the area, only fading signs tell us of the area's industrial heritage...

This former warning has been defaced to the degree that it looks more like a suggestion or even an invitation now... Parking?...Allow...

Another 'pointless; warning, which requires a good amount of guess work...


Visual Dyslexia in Berlin

On a recent trip to German's capital city I recorded these examples of visual dyslexia, a bit of tape seems to do the trick in Berlin.


Visual Dyslexia in South Brum

No parking...?...what about "paint-throwing"?

How did these letters fall off? How long must they have been there to have worn away?

A beautiful old sign, which tells of a high-street history, which has long since gone. 


Visual Dyslexia on Tyburn Road

This picture describes very well, how dyslexia can impact on the spelling of words. Usually I know most letters of a word, however certain letters I just cannot work out. I will then ask myself: "Is the second letter a "u" or an "o", is the word spelled with one or two "m's'?"

Large telephone number and a posh gate, however I am not sure what you can buy here apart from car spares....


The mighty power of Instagram

Here are a few more images from my visual dyslexia series, beautifully transformed using Instagram. Sadly I have not got an Instagram-enabled device, so many thanks to Felili for letting me use Instagram on her phone.


Provide Magazine

Here are the images that were recently included in the first edition of Provide Magazine. The magazine has the theme of Digbeth and as many of my pictures were actually taken there they seemed to fit well. Many thanks to Matt for including them in the mag.