A selection of visual dyslexia in and around Brum

I love how this sign is seemingly whispering a 'thank you'.
Look closely and you can see me in the reflection of the train.

What is the story of this street sign? Some letters decided that they had enough of the others, moved on and left the T, Y & A behind?

I snapped this sign outside the Yardbird, I was just not sure who was going to be on that night...


Visual Dyslexia - Shops

You can just about work out the road that this shop is on, Brick Lane in London. However I doubt that this is the owner's attempt to mix letters and braille...

Argos extra has moved, but the past remains in form of a shadow...

The whole building in Digbeth seems to have undergone renovation work, apart from the sign above the door, I wonder why?