Visual dyslexic fireworks

Above a close up of a visual dyslexia that I am driving past since years, this very season shop is only open a few weeks every year, however the trade in fireworks seems to be so good that the owners install a new sign every season.

At the large Camp Hill Circus roundabout fades this visual dyslexia of The Brewer and Baker pub.

A well documented ghost sign of Elizabeth drapery, lingerie, etc., Yardly Wood Road.

Not so orange anymore!

Two visual dyslexias from the redeveloped docks in Salford, this is a sculpture outside the BBC.


Visual Dyslexia in the south of Brum

A selection of visual dyslexia from the south part of Birmingham. Some of the letters in the above sign have gone walk about...

New and old sign, whereas the new sign has already been modified with tape, the old sign of Tommy Accessories has only recently been 'brought back to life' signs one of the blinds of the shop has come down.

A knackered sign!

Not a very good image, but a good example of visual dyslexia none the less.

An image of a sign which I posted some time ago, however this visual dyslexia is changing constantly, as it is fading fast.

Accident claims are so old fashioned! 

A ghosts sign of a time gone by at the exit of Startford Road towards town. Who knows what this sign once read?


Visual Dyslexic in Spark Hill - part 2

Here are further images of visual dyslexia in and around Stratford Road, Sparkhill. I just love the combination of signs in the above image. While the ghost sign tells a story of a past ownership, painted onto the house decades ago, the much newer shop sign has already fallen off.

Buzzing life and a grumpy look on Stratford Road, in front of this fading Supermarket sign

Shadows of a past ownership.

Looks like this shop used to be a hairdressers...

Visual dyslexia working from the inside out...

How long has this ghost sign been hanging here?

Sign of the state of the area?

A newly build now covering what must have been a large-scale ghost sign at some stage.


Visual Dyslexic in Spark Hill - part 1

Here are several visual dyslexic signs from a recent type walk through the Spark Hill/Stratford area of Birmingham. Interesting how the sign of Heritage Carpets Ltd sign is fading, looks like the letter R is about to leave, while others have already left the party...

Beautiful record of a time gone by, B'ham Quilt... If you look closely you can see that there is another sign behind the faded shop sign.

Fine Furs, Stratford Road

Another 'whispered' sign.

Despite all the safety precautions the neon sign has broken away.... 

I am very interested to know what this 'life advice' would have been.