Pixelation on digital TV

Ever since the switch over to digital television I have been fascinated by the sudden pixelation and brake up of the film footage. I am bewitched by beautiful colours, abstract forms, shapes and compositions and a typical representation of our modern, technological-driven time.
Just like seen on TV, I am listening to people, then suddenly I stop, I am stuck, and I wonder about the right spelling of a word or the understanding of a word (just like the picture that can not compose itself right)...
...just to realise that the speaker has long moved on and I have missed the "plot".


Dorc***ter Street

Sometimes I just can not work out which letters I need to cho0se, although I know that in the word certain letters are spelled wrong.
I took this picture month ago near the train station on a visit to Bath.


Off for the.... (open for suggestion)

The paint and the wooden planks are doing a good job, even the tree branches help to further distort the image.
WHAT has happened here? WHAT will happen next?
Watch this space, as I am sure the "anti-dyslexic police" will surely do a decent job soon.
(seen in Balsall Heath, June 2007)


Lost for letters

This image kind of describes, how it feels to know something is missing, wrong, etc. if you write something, but you are not quite sure what it is, and you are stuck and you do not know how to continue....
I saw this derelict building, which makes for such a powerful image in Bristol on a way back home to Birmingham.


Chilly cold

Very close to the Bullring, above a bus stop, on a beautiful brick building.


Where is this "Street" leading too?

Somewhere in Birmingham Digbeth as part of a firm or street name, or both.


endless numbers

I saw this image on a visit to Bath/Weston above a showroom window for a car dealer.talking about numbers... I stambled over this today...
the design for the Olympic games 2012 is an illegiable waste of taxpayers money.


"Friendly News" long gone

The top half of a closed shop in Kings Heath, beautiful colours..., but what was the sign advertising?


Sparkbrook the day after, 30/5/07

The "anti-dyslexic police" has corrected the error...

Birmingham Sparkbrook, 29/5/07

Somebody in a predominantly Muslim area of Birmingham being offended by a recent M&S advert.