Signs, igns, S g s...

On a recent trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, this sign was trying to warn visitors from stepping onto the ski jump, although I am not sure if it will stop the German speaking visitors from doing so...
A sign I came across in Bath a while ago, which made me wonder what it read before and why it was changed in the first place.
I found this sign in Birmingham near Curzon Street Station in New Canal Street. After driving past this truly beautiful example almost everyday over the last couple of years on the way to work, I finally managed to take a snapshot.


Multilingual dyslexia

During a recent trip to Cologne in Germany I discovered this signage on the lift leading to the viewing platform on top of the KölnTriangle, which is a great way to discover the town. The viewing platform was opened less then two years ago, however the signage already looks pretty knackered.
Beautiful how visual dyslexia has been translated into different languages.


Bikes or shop for sale?

The front of a shop selling bicycles on Stratford Road in Sparkbrook/Birmingham. Beautiful colours, deconstructive typography, but no sales?


Las "Lost" Vegas

A beautiful visual example of how certain letters are illegible, drop-out of once mind while writing and/or letters that form parts of words that can not be pronounced.
(seen in Leeds, October 2007)


I found the bunny, but what does the rest stand for?

This image describes how I am sometimes not able to read words, as I can not piece the letters together. Although I can identify marks and signs on a page and I do speak the language, I can not make out how to read and pronounce the word or I simple skip past certain words like they are non-existent. With the years I have learned to deal with it and work around it. In middle school however I was laughed at for my poor pronunciation and I had lengthy arguments with my dad, who could not understand at that time, why I could not read properly.
This screen shot was taken during an ichat conversation with my girl friend, we were trying out different ichat smileys.