Signs, igns, S g s...

On a recent trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, this sign was trying to warn visitors from stepping onto the ski jump, although I am not sure if it will stop the German speaking visitors from doing so...
A sign I came across in Bath a while ago, which made me wonder what it read before and why it was changed in the first place.
I found this sign in Birmingham near Curzon Street Station in New Canal Street. After driving past this truly beautiful example almost everyday over the last couple of years on the way to work, I finally managed to take a snapshot.


- said...

That is so good. Exactly how it is. Gonna remember this one. Thanks. Dyslexia Resources

Von Graff said...

Het tjark nice blog.
That last sign is for Nuneaton, thats where I live.
great sign though bad place to live!
How old ya think it is? Its Rob Hildreth by the way, HNd yr 1.

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