A random selection of Visual Dyslexia & ghost signs

A fading shop sign for More More Fashion in Handsworth, Soho Road.

I am not sure if I would trust this garage with servicing my car...
 ...judging from this shop front, seen in West Bromwich.

The letter P has been kidnapped from this Italian restaurant in Moseley.

The decline of the British boozer is my delight!

Highlight of my day when I spotted this ghost sign, nearly crashed my car while driving by as I could not take my eyes of it.

Another British boozer in decline, this used to be The Barrel in the Gun Quarter. 

The Pallasades Shopping Centre is being transformed currently by the refurbishment of New Street train station, which makes this sign appear rather shy.

Another ghost sign on a closed cinema in Hockley. The cinema used to be called The New Palladium, further pictures which highlight the cinema's former glorious past can be seen here.

Is this a sign of the fading importance and status of monarchy in our society?


Visual Dyslexia in the Jewellery Quater

I took these snaps on a recent type walk through the Jewellery Quarter. The walk was hosted by Sam Roberts, Mr. Ghostsign. The above signage led to great speculation (and amusement) as to what it once had read.

 Looks like a football score to me...

Usually ampersands are bring other words together, here a 'lonely' one. 
(Maybe it upset the others?)

Open to who?

The Bullion Room, I love the 'new' font created naturally by the intensity of the sun dissolving and evolving glue and paint.


Visual Dyslexic Paradise

A few beautiful close up shots of the derelict building in Bradford Street. 
The building used to be occupied by Stone Gallion Ltd., pictures from the inside can be seen here.

The whole buidling in one.

A few shots from New Bartholomew Street. Another derelict building 
which used to be a wholesalers.