A collection of ghost signs

Today I am posting a selection of ghost signs and signs that are making a 'return' after years of being hidden away. The sign above is clearly showing a recycled and overpainted sign, which is slowly making a return. As seen in Digbeth.

A ghost sign at the Costa Green Public House in Birmingham.

Another ghost sign revealing the former use of the building, assuming from the painted sign the business used to sell beer. 

This hand painted sign was revealed at the back of Waterstones on New Street during the recent redevelopment of New Street Station and the extension of the Metro tram line in Birmingham. Read more on the signs history in the Birmingham Post.

A well-documented ghost sign at the back of the Electric Cinema, indicating the prior use of the venue to be a theatre.

And finally one of my favourite signs which was revealed in Digbeth recently. What a beautiful choice of font used for this hand-painted sign, which was revealed after another sign was dismounted of the gate. If you look closely there is another line of text underneath.

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