The infectious Visual Dyslexia...

Today I am posting a few images that I was send by friends and family, who are now also snapping away for me. Many thanks for all the contributions, future submissions are encouraged and welcomed!

The above picture is a contribution from 'Mr. Ghostsign' Sam Roberts, as seen in London. 
I love this now meaningless sign, looks like alien script to me.

The next three images are from the talented Illustrator Tim Widden, as seen at the British Museum (above), Brick Lane (below) and somewhere in London (ghost sign, below below). Thanks Tim for keeping your eyes peeled for me!

I saw this visual dyslexia myself a few month ago at Brick Lane and ever since I have been wondering what it was actually referring to? Diarrhea? Indigestion?

Another fading London ghost sign.

And last, but certainly not least a beautiful example of a visual dyslexia seen by the best mother in this world in Foehr in Germany, thanks mum!

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Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

Thanks for sharing TJ, I'd forgotten about that sign, great to see it again!