Reclaim Photography Festival 2017

I recently entered the following four photographs from the series Visual Dyslexia into the exciting Reclaim Photography Festival 2017

A Ghost In Town
Ghostsigns are hand-lettered signs of advertisement, which are often covered and perfectly preserved by newer signs and revealed when those newer signs are being removed. Now in a more derelict area of the city, the revealed ghost sign records a former place and business, which would have been located in the heart of the city at its time.

Come Along In
The inviting sign of a former business in Stirchley, which tells of a welcoming, now derelict place, which would have brought locals together in the past.

Paradise Lost
This image perfectly records the impact and reality of Birmingham as an ever-changing city landscape. As old buildings are being torn down and replaced by new and shiny structures, city dwellers are being moved and communities are broken up.
In this case, the strap lines of optimistic town planners create an ironic juxtaposition and contrast against the reality of city living, poverty and social degradation.

No Ball Games

Some neighbours are just no fun. We are a rule-making and at times rule-breaking society. Some rules are essential, some of them have to be obeyed by law, some are appreciated and others are not. The rules in this images are clearly dividing a neighbourhood.

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