The Grand Hotel in Lopud, Croatia by architect Nikola Dobrović

A special from my holidays in Croatia. Introducing the Grand Hotel:

A few days ago I went to the Island of Lopud just outside of Dubrovnik, where I came across the now sadly derelict Grand Hotel. The hotel by the architect Nikola Dobrović was first opened in 1937, the place was architecturally well ahead of its' time. I just love the way he used the concrete to cast all the type. 
It reminds me of some of the brutalist architecture we have in the UK. Here is a link if you want to find out more about the Grand Hotel here

The hotel has been derelict for many years now, when taking pictures however I realised that people seem to squat the building.

When walking around the building I stepped on what I thought was a floor made from concrete, just to realise moments later that I stood ankle deep in a mixture of liquid concrete, mud and water.

The last three pictures were taken on my way to the famous Sunj beach, located on the other side of the Island. Nikola Dobrović seems to have left his brutal, typographic traces across the island.

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