Don't you park here!

Over the years I have photographed a great variety of examples of visual dyslexia in all walks of life. I came to realise only recently that I have been subconsciously recording many signs warning the public not to park their cars in a certain location. Out of hundreds of images I have put together my personal highlights here.

I have photographed this house and former shop front many times over the past years. I am driving past it every day of the week. Only recently I have come to realise that there is a second, fading sign above the 'No Parking' sign, which tells me that this shop used to be a fashion business. Fascinating how the paint of the 'No Parking' had the impact to stop the paint from flacking. 

Apparently we recognise lettering from the top half of the letters and not the bottom, here is the proof.

How long must this warning have been up on this garage door? It is almost gone now.

Another favourite, someone obviously did not like to be told what they can and what they cannot do and splashed paint all over it in protest.

Here somebody is trying politeness.

Beautiful colours on this set of doors.

The alinement and kerning of this stencilled sign is all over the place, looks like somebody had a drink to two too many before they did it...

I photographed this a few years ago, as I was fascinated with the overpainted Entrance sign. Only much later did I realised that in fact there was another sign below.

What are 'Oors'?

Crazy how we can still make sense of this sign.

A somewhat clear massage, which clearly has not worked.

I love these concertina folding shutters, which completely distorted the message, depending on the view point you take.

An old favourite, of which only very little is left now. An earlier photo of the sign can be seen here.

Interesting warning... Vehicles could be damaged, or they might not be.

After all this negativity of not parking in place, I though I conclude this post with this sign. This sign is clearly encouraging cars to drive past it, or does it?

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