Celebrating a new purchase...

I finally bought myself a new, proper dslr camera, woop woop! I have been pondering long and hard about which camera I should best choose and I finally settled on a Nikon D5500. The camera has got a screen that folds out to change its angle and view point, which makes it much easier to hold the camera over had and shoot signs that are often above head level. So if you come by a person holding a camera above his head high up in the air, and you are wondering who that 'idiot' might be, well, that is properly me!

Got myself a nice zoom lens too, which means I can get much closer to my beloved signs now. To celebrate the purchase of my new camera gear I am posting pictures from my first few days with my new 'third eye'. In fact above is the very first picture taken with my new camera. I used the zoom lens to photograph from across the road, perfect!

This is one of my absolute favourite ghost signs located on Fairfield Road, Kings Heath. There are quite a few Twinings ghost signs still around in Birmingham these days, you can find more here.

Found this message on a wall in Kings Heath, although still somewhat clear, I am most sure why it is there.

This ghost sign, former shop sign was revealed recently when the new shop owners dismantled a marquess that covered it. A beautiful glimpse into the past of Kings Heath.

This image is a close up of a fence around a building side in the Jewellery Quarter which was dysmanteled shortly afterwards.

There are many blue plaques around across the UK, most of them in very good condition, this one urgently requires an updated.

This is also in the Jewellery Quarter advertising a pizza restaurant (which I do not recommend btw.).

The remaining pictures are...wait...yes you have guest right from my recent trip to Cambridge.

I hope that is clear, they do neither like motorcycles nor the letter 'O' in Cambridge.

The back of a JD Weatherspoon called The Tivoli which was on fire in March,  here is a link to a local news report .  

Another fading ghost sign, sadly almost gone

Since starting to record visual dyslexic signs nearly a decade ago now, I have become more and more fascinated with the impact the elements have on vinyl signage, some time soon I will devote a post specific to those 'newly-formed' fonts.

Sounds like a rather spiky and uncomfortable ride...

This sign has not only completely grown into a bush, it is in its' current state complete gibberish.

Only 'lower-body' people allowed to the right, black cycles only to the left please.

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