Visual Dyslexic in Stirchley

A beautiful old ghost sign and an ugly, modern visual dyslexic sign, 
Fordhouse Lane corner Pershore Road in Stirchley. 

This visual dyslexic sign looks like it is right from the times of the American gold rush.

An amalgamation of ghost signs and visual dyslexia, beautiful! Local history at it's best!

I am not sure what this ghost sign used to advertise. It is now a bit difficult to access and sadly partialy covered by a satellite dish. The sign however is certainly much longer lasting then the local show, which seems to have changed ownership several times in the past few years (according to google street view).

This prime example of visual dyslexia reflects the business within perfectly. Do not act surprised if you leave this dental surgery with a 'missing' tooth or two!

Have a close look and you will see a second shop sign below 
the 'Have you anything TO SELL' sign.

A fading ghost sign of Fruiterer and Confectioner, a seemingly dying trade. 

So are the Public Baths of Stirchely which now lie derelict and forgotten.

This is a close up of the visual dyslexic sign below.

This sign seems to have advertised many different business in the past

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