A blast from the past!

Here are five images that stayed in my archive for years, most of the signs are sadly no longer in existence. The above picture was taken in Birmingham, Ladypool Road in 2007. At the time I was driving past the sign on my way to work daily and the thought of the juxtaposition between the glamourous industry that is Bollywood and the derelict sign sweetened my journey into work.

Another local building which since has been replaced by a newly build. It always made me wonder what the sign once read and why it was taped over. Interesting how some of the letters seemingly managed to escape. Birmingham, Fox Street, 2007.

A beautiful ghost of a sign from the Bath knob shop, interesting to think that Bath once had a shop which specialised in selling knobs... never mind the innuendo. Or am I missing the point here? Seen in Bath, City Centre, 2007

I believe this used to be a telecommunication centre in Mesquer in France. Seen in 2008.

This visual dyslexia made me laugh and I had to pull over and take a snap when I first saw it in 2009. The billboard is placed at a garage in Church Street in Birmingham. I love the creativity and imagination local 'vandals' have shown here to give the advert a whole new (improved?) meaning.

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